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Drugs reference index «Silver Sulfadiazine»

Silver Sulfadiazine
Silver Sulfadiazine
Silver Sulfadiazine

Silver Sulfadiazine

Pronunciation: (SILL-ver SULL-fah-DIE-ah-zeen)Class: Burn preparation

Trade Names:Silvadene- Cream 10 mg/g in a water-miscible base

Trade Names:SSD- Cream 10 mg/g in a water-miscible base

Trade Names:SSD AF- Cream 10 mg/g in a water-miscible base

Trade Names:Thermazene- Cream 10 mg/g in a water-miscible base

Flamazine (Canada)


Inhibits bacteria by acting on cell membrane and cell wall.

Indications and Usage

Adjunct for prevention and treatment of wound sepsis in patients with second- and third-degree burns.


Pregnancy in women approaching term; premature infants; infants during first 2 mo of life; hypersensitivity to any component of product.

Dosage and Administration


Topical Clean and debride wound and apply cream under sterile conditions. Cover burn areas with cream at all times, applying 1 to 2 times daily to a thickness of about 1/ 16 inch. Reapply cream whenever necessary to any areas from which it has been removed by patient activity. Reapply immediately after hydrotherapy and continue until satisfactory healing has occurred or until burn site is ready for grafting.


Store cream at controlled room temperature (59° to 86°F).

Drug Interactions

None well documented.

Laboratory Test Interactions

None well documented.

Adverse Reactions


CNS reactions.


Skin necrosis; erythema multiforme; skin discoloration; burning sensation; rashes; allergic reactions (including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, exfoliative dermatitis).


GI reactions.


Interstitial nephritis; toxic nephrosis.


Hepatitis; hepatocellular necrosis.


Transient leukopenia characterized by decreased neutrophil count; blood dyscrasias (including agranulocytosis, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and hemolytic anemia).



Category B .




Safety and efficacy not established.


Potential cross-sensitivity with other sulfonamides may occur.

Fungal proliferation

May occur in and below eschar.

Hepatic/Renal function impairment

Elimination of drug may become decreased, resulting in accumulation.

Patient Information

  • Advise patient or caregiver that cream is used to prevent infections in burn wounds in hospitalized and nonhospitalized patients.
  • Teach patient or caregiver using cream at home proper technique for applying cream: Wash hands. Using sterile gloves, apply sufficient cream ( 1/ 16 inch thickness) to cover affected areas. Wash hands after applying cream.
  • Advise patient or caregiver to apply cream twice daily as directed by health care provider.
  • Advise patient or caregiver to keep burned areas covered with cream at all times and to reapply cream whenever necessary to any area from which it has been removed by patient activity, bathing, or hydrotherapy.
  • Caution patient or caregiver not to bandage, cover, or wrap treated skin areas, or use other skin products over treated areas, unless advised by health care provider.
  • Caution patient to avoid contact with eyes. Advise patient that if medication does come into contact with the eyes to wash them with large amounts of cool water and to contact health care provider if eye irritation occurs.
  • Advise patient to report application-site reactions (eg, rash, burning, stinging, itching).

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