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Definition of «Calculus»

Calculus: 1. A stone within the body, such as a stone in the urinary tract. 2. The calcium salt deposits on the teeth. 3. A field of mathematics. These different meanings of "calculus" all go bach to the origin of the word. In Latin, a calculus is "a pebble." Pebbles were once used for counting, from which came the mathematical field of calculus. A urinary calculus is a literally pebble in the urinary system. And the calculus on the teeth is, like a urinary stone, an abnormal concretion of mineral salts within the body.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( kăl ' kyə-ləs ) n. , pl. , -li ( -lī ' ), or -lus·es . Pathology . An abnormal concretion in the body, usually ...

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    calculus /cal·cu·lus/ (kal´ku-lus) pl. cal´culi [L.] an abnormal concretion, usually composed of mineral salts, occurring within the animal body.cal´culous

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