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Definition of «Integrin»

Integrin: One of a large and very important family of adhesion molecules that promote stable interactions between cells and their environment. The integrins also act as cellular sensor and signaling molecules. Integrins contain two types of subunits called alpha and beta. All of the alpha subunits have some similarity to each other, as do all of the beta subunits.

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    A heterodimeric transmembrane receptor protein of animal cells that binds to components of the extracellular matrix on the outside of a cell and to the cytoskeleton ...

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    in·te·grin definition Pronunciation: /ˈin(t)-ə-grən/ Function: n : any of various glycoproteins that are found on cell surfaces (as of white blood cells or ...

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    integrin /in·te·grin/ (in´tĕ-grin) any of a family of heterodimeric cell adhesion receptors, each consisting of an α and a β polypetide chain, that mediate cell ...

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    Family of transmembrane proteins involved in the extracellular matrix. Includes classification, ligands, structure images, related links, discussion forum and guest book.

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    To find antibodies, assays, and proteins associated with the integrin pathway, click on the icon for your desired gene of interest or click here to see the list of genes ...

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