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Definition of «Morphea»


Morphea: Skin changes that are localized to one or more patchy areas of skin that become hardened, dry, smooth and slightly pigmented. Morphea is called "localized scleroderma" but it rarely, if ever, evolves into full-fledged scleroderma, an autoimmune disease of the connective tissue.

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    Morphea, also known as localized scleroderma, is a disorder characterized by excessive collagen deposition leading to thickening of the dermis, subcutaneous ...

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    n. A localized form of scleroderma characterized by hardened , slightly depressed patches of dermal fibrous tissue. Also called circumscribed scleroderma , localized ...

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    Morphea. Scleroderma comes in two main forms: systemic and localized. Scleroderma is a disease of unknown origin that affects the microvasculature and loose connective ...

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