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Definition of «Peritoneum»


Peritoneum: The membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and covers most of the abdominal organs. (From the Greek peri- meaning around + tonos meaning a stretching = a stretching around).

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  • Peritoneum: Definition from Answers.com

    Library > Science > Sci-Tech Dictionary ( ¦per·ə·tə¦nē·əl ′kav·əd·ē ) ( anatomy ) The potential space between the visceral and parietal layers of the ...

  • peritoneum: Definition from Answers.com

    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary also per·i·to·nae·um ( pĕr ' ĭ-tn-ē ' əm ) n. , pl. , -to·ne·a , also -to·nae·a ( -tn-ē ' ə ). The serous ...

  • Peritoneum - arbl.cvmbs.colostate.edu

    The peritoneum is thin membrane that lines the abdominal and pelvic cavities, and covers most abdominal viscera. It is composed of layer of mesothelium supported by a ...

  • peritoneum - definition of peritoneum in the Medical ...

    peritoneum /peri·to·ne·um/ (-to-ne´um) the serous membrane lining the walls of the abdominal and pelvic cavities (parietal p.) and investing the contained viscera ...

  • peritoneum (anatomy) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    peritoneum (anatomy), large membrane in the abdominal cavity that connects and supports internal organs. It is composed of many folds that pass between or around the ...

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