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Definition of «Radiography»

Radiography: Film records (radiographs) of internal structures of the body. Radiography is made possible by X-rays (or gamma rays) passing through the body to act on a specially sensitized film.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( rā ' dē-ŏg ' rə-fē ) n. The process by which radiographs are made. Also called skiagraphy

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    info@radiography.com. Searching for a school in your area? Look no further!. It's easy to find accredited programs!. Go to arrt.org (a new browser window should open).

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    radiography /ra·di·og·ra·phy/ (ra″de-og´rah-fe) the making of film records (radiographs) of internal structures of the body by passing x-rays or gamma rays ...

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    Field Description Radiographers use ionizing radiation (X-rays) to create images of body parts and organ systems for medical diagnostic purposes.

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