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Definition of «Situs inversus totalis»

Situs inversus totalis: A condition in which there is complete right to left reversal (transposition) of the thoracic and abdominal organs. For example, the heart is not in its usual position in the left chest but is in the right chest. (This is position of the heart is referred to as dextrocardia, literally, right-hearted.) And the stomach, which is normally in the left upper abdomen, is in the right abdomen. The liver, which normally is in the right upper abdomen is in the left abdomen.

In patients with situs inversus totalis, all of the chest and abdominal organs are reversed and appear in mirror image when examined or visualized by tests such as x-ray filming.

Situs inversus totalis has been estimated to occur once in about 6-8,000 births. Situs inversus occurs in a rare abnormal condition that is present at birth (congenital) called Kartagener's syndrome that also features sinus and lung infections.

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