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Definition of «Skeletal muscle»

Skeletal muscleSkeletal muscleSkeletal muscle

Skeletal muscle: One of three types of muscle tissue in the body (skeletal, smooth, cardiac) which represents the majority of the muscular tissue in the body. Skeletal muscle is the type of muscle which powers movement of the skeleton as in walking and lifting.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary n. A usually voluntary muscle made up of elongated, multinucleated, transversely striated muscle fibers, having ...

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    Skeletal muscle, as its name implies, is the muscle attached to the skeleton. It is also called striated muscle. The contraction of skeletal muscle is under voluntary ...

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    Skeletal muscles move and support the skeleton. They make up fifty percent of your body weight. There are 640 individually named skeletal muscles.

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    Skeletal muscle is a form of striated muscle. tissue existing under control of the somatic nervous system - i.e. it is voluntarily controlled. It is one of three major ...

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