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Definition of «Surgery, plastic»

Surgery, plasticSurgery, plasticSurgery, plastic

Surgery, plastic: The field of surgery concerned with reducing scarring or disfigurement that may occur as a result of accidents, birth defects, or treatment for diseases, such as melanoma.

Many plastic surgeons also perform cosmetic surgery that is unrelated to medical conditions, such as rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose.

Plastic surgery was developed as a field of medicine by Harold Delf Gillies (1882-1960). In 1918 he became the first physician to specialize in plastic surgery. Born in New Zealand, Gillies studied and stayed in England. At the beginning of World War II he was one of only 4 qualified plastic surgeons in England.

Dr. Gillies once confessed, "Often while lifting a face I have a feeling of guilt that I am merely making money," adding, "Yet, is it not justified if it brings even a little extra happiness to a soul who needs it?"

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