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Turbinate: A bone shaped like a top. The turbinate is a bone in the nose; it is an extension of the ethmoid bone, is situated along the side wall of the nose, and is covered by mucous membrane.

The word turbinate is related to a turbine and tornado. They are all derived from the Latin turbo meaning a whorl, eddy, or spiral shell. The turbinate in the nose was so named because it is a curled shelf of bone protruding from the lateral (side) wall of the nasal cavity.

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    Library > Literature & Language > Dictionary ( tûr ' bə-nĭt, -nāt ' ) also tur·bi·nat·ed ( -nā ' tĭd ) adj. Shaped like a top. Spinning like a top. Zoology ...

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    adjective 1. Also, tur·bi·nat·ed. having the shape of an inverted cone; scroll-like; whorled; spiraled. 2. Anatomy . of or pertaining to certain scroll-like ...

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    Shaped or spinning like a top. · In the shape of a coil. · (zoology) Spiral and decreasing sharply in diameter from base to apex. Used especially of ...

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