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A metopic ridge is an abnormal shape of the skull. The ridge can be seen on the forehead.


A metopic ridge occurs when the two halves of the frontal bones of the skull join together too soon.

The metopic suture normally begins to close in the second year of life. It is usually completely closed during the third year. However, it remains unclosed throughout life in 10% of the population.


Congenital craniosynostosis (particularly trigonocephaly) is a common cause of metopic ridge.

When to Contact a Medical Professional

Call your health care provider if you notice a ridge along your infant's forehead or a ridge forming on the skull.

What to Expect at Your Office Visit

The health care provider will perform a physical exam and ask questions about the child's medical history.

Questions may include:

  • When did you first notice this?
  • Are there any other ridged sutures?
  • Does the child have any other symptoms?

Diagnostic tests may include:

  • Head CT (maybe)
  • Skull x-ray

No treatment or surgery is needed for a metopic ridge.

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