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Definition of «Eczema, contact»

Eczema, contactEczema, contactEczema, contact

Eczema, contact: A localized reaction that includes redness, itching, and burning where the skin has come into contact with an allergen (an allergy-causing substance) or with an irritant such as an acid, a cleaning agent or another chemical.

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    For Eczema Advice, eczema support and information on support groups contact the National Eczema Society. We offer advice on eczema treatments and eczema management.

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    Many substances can cause allergic contact eczema, such as nickel in jewellery. We take a look at common allergens.

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    Contact eczema is caused by physical contact with an irritant or allergen. Because there is generally a time lapse between contact of an allergy-causing chemical and the ...


    Contact eczema can be divided into two distinct problems, which are referred to as direct irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis.

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    The following can make eczema symptoms worse: Allergies to pollen, mold, dust mites, or animals. Colds or the flu. Contact with rough materials. Dry skin

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